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The designer behind Digital Art Empire    Ben Rama – Designer & Writer

I’m a self employed designer and blogger, with many years of experience in Graphic Design, Film &  TV within London.

I  began my adventure in design at university where I studied Film and practiced drawing aswell as film editing and later design with Photoshop,Illustrator,3D S Max and a few others . This is where my life started revolving around design.

Connecting with design after uni in London I decided to build and maintain a design site and came up with the idea of Digital Art Empire.

Although my roots are in films  I use my knowledge to cross the bridge between design and film.

Our aim is to display quality easy to comprehend tutorials and designs that explain not only how to create digital art but why certain techniques are used.

In learning digital art I often felt that knowing why a method is used helps to develop your own style and growth with design.

The thinking behind Digital Art Empire is a site designed to be an authority on digital art and a hub for on some of the best tutorials around.


We publish tutorials and resources that are of the highest quality

As well as teaching solid  tricks, techniques and tips in our primary choice Adobe Photoshop, we cater for all other design programs to make you a better more creative digital artist.


We designers love free materials, like a kid in a creative candy store. So, we have a collection of the best free graphics, stock, and brushes that are available. Obviously we have gone through them with a fine tooth comb to deliver the highest quality both technically and creatively.


We love people and we love talking to fellow designers and digital artists that’s why we interview a lot of potential Da Vinci’s and experienced design veterans with original and well thought up questions. If you feel like being interviewed get in touch here.

Write for us

If you’re interested in writing an article or submitting a tutorial for the site please contact us via our contact page, we always respond quickly.

We also love receiving ways to improve, questions, and links you think we may find useful.

Our intention is to make learning design as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We aim to please and hope you enjoy this digital space. Digital Art Empire Founded 2009 dedicated to digital art and the people who love it.