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Some Good Reasons Why The Google Logo Works & Hasn’t Changed

One of the logos that have been used for the longest time is that of Google. This has never been changed and still remains relevant years later even with the changing design trends. Some of the reasons that contribute to this include:

It is easy to read and understand- this is a simple logo that is easy to understand where it does not have any complicated material. It has also been formatted in the right way which makes it more effective. This helps in the instant delivery of the message that one wants to pass across which is one of the most important features of a good logo. One does not have to go through any special training or carry out research to find out what it means as it is indicated clearly on the logo.

It’s memorable- once a person has seen the logo, it becomes very hard for them to forget it. This becomes easier for people who are looking for goods and services that are related to the company as it is probable the first place they will look. This is one of the main reasons why people come up with logos and thus it serves its purpose effectively.

It’s attractive- the use of various colors in the design is very important as this helps to make it attractive. This helps to catch the attention of the reader to know what the logo is al about. A person also does not get bored just by glancing at it as it holds to hold the viewers attention.

It’s scalable- the logo can be used by any application making it effective to use. This means that very many people can access the logo without going through a lot of stress.

It suits what it represents- this is indicated clearly as it spells out the name of the company. This way a person cannot get confused as to the company it presents since it is right in their faces. This helps to save the viewer’s time and energy which is an important feature if one wants their logo to be effective.

It has a defining shape- the logo features a distinct shape which is one of the design trends that remains fashionable to date. This means that the designer did not make use of too many elements that would make the logo appear too busy.

It is eye catching- the logo definitely arouses the interest of the person who sees it making them want to know what it is all about. This is very important as it cannot pass the attention of an individual thus many people get to see it which is very good for the company.

It is easily describable- in case you have a friend who has not seen it, there is no need to worry when it comes to explaining how it looks to them as this can be done easily without any hesitation. This design trends feature is very vital as it helps in free word of mouth advertising which attracts more people to the company making it more successful


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