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9 Must Have – Truly Awesome Fractal Brushes



Today I am excited to present some fantastic high resolution fractal brushes. These were rendered at 2500 pixels and created at this size so the quality is at its max. Of course in different colors they will look even more  awesome ,if I may say so myself.

I hope you enjoy using them and if you like please feel free to showcase them in our flickr group

This way your art work will be showcased on our site and in the group. Our group has 1,319 items and 166 members with regular contributions.

As usual these are 100% free to use in commercial and personal work just attribute to Digital Art Empire and add a link if you want to share them.

Please remember to subscribe via our RSS: )!download|384tg|1852263241|9_Fractals_Digital_Art_Empire.zipx|22383|R~564AA8281C152BAC487944A079F066D2

10 thoughts on “9 Must Have – Truly Awesome Fractal Brushes”

    colaja says:

    Thank You very much Ben! These are all great

    jeprie says:

    I still have no idea where to use it.

    Digital Art Empire says:

    thanks a on Nikola – hope you find them useful : )

    Digital Art Empire says:

    well post a link when you do ; )

    Chloe says:

    thanks Ben , these are really amazing , Ill definitely find lots of uses for them – I love the way they look so colorful and the facet they are brushes makes the versatile

    element321 says:

    These are some great fractals. Fractals are one my favorite brushes when designing. These will come in handy the next time I need to use fractals.

    Digital Art Empire says:

    Thanks element 321 – glad to hear youll have a use for em : )

    sewa mobil says:

    Thanks element 321 – glad to hear youll have a use for em : )

    sewa mobil di surabaya says:

    so perpective and complicated
    thks ben

    Brett Widmann says:

    This is a really nice collection! Thanks for sharing.

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