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30 Eye Catching Business Cards + Awesome Tutorials

Looking at Business cards are always a great way to get inspired. As a designer they offer a rounded and cohesive graphic design project from layout to print.

Thank you to the artists who provided the materials.


Letterpress became increasingly popular amongst web designers especially with the release of Photoshop’s current logo which uses the letterpress style.

In the 21st century, commercial Letterpress has been revived by the use of ‘water-wash’ photopolymer plates which are adhered to a near-type-high base to produce a relief printing surface typically from digitally-rendered art and typography.

Here are 10 awe inspiring examples.


You may think these cards are gimmicky or belong to the funny business cards section but rest assured , they make a mark in the minds eye and you’re more likely   to keep showing your colleagues and friends. This is the goal of all advertising and design – to be remembered. They are virtually indestructible as business cads go – they don’t fade or tear. Enough about the cards lets have a look.

Here are 10 eye catching examples.

UV Coated

High quality business cards without full-colour photographs are normally printed using spot colours on sheet-fed offset printing presses. If a business card logo is a single colon and the type is another colour, the process is considered two colour.More spot colours can be added depending on the needs of the card. With the onset of digital printing, and batch printing, it is now cost effective to print business cards in full colour.

A business card can also be coated with a UV glossy coat (offset-uv Printing). The coat is applied just like another ink using an additional unit on a sheetfed press.

That being said, UV coats can also be applied as a spot coating – meaning areas can be coated, and other areas can be left uncoated. This makes the coated area extremely glossy and shiny in appearance.

Here are 10 stunning examples.


Here is a selection of the best tutorials from around the interweb, have fun creating your own.

5 thoughts on “30 Eye Catching Business Cards + Awesome Tutorials”

    meloncholy says:

    Hey, these are really nice. I've wanted to do something with spot glossy coating for a while now, but haven't had the chance yet. Thanks for the post!

    Digital Art Empire says:

    tx for stopping by , Andrew – yeh definetly something im going to do soonish .

    BreslowAaron says:

    What could I say more? If I had to give a mark considering just the business card, all the companies here would get a maximum: 10 out of 10:D

    Digital Art Empire says:

    great so glad you enjoyed them stick around & remember to sign up by RSS : )

    Schahid says:

    Seeing it after more then 3 years you posted these. Loving some of the cards, thanks for posting.

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